Combining Purpose with Profit

apr 20, 2021
In a time that concerns itself with only profit margins and quarterly results, practitioners who try to implement sustainable development face a lot of challenges. Oftentimes, so-called green campaigns are just publicity or PR stunts, and sustainability is hardly ever truly incorporated into operations and supply chains. In this episode of career talks, we have invited Ruby O and Jeehae Kim, both pioneers of sustainability in their respective industries, to talk about the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them.
Ruby O has a background in food science and food safety, and is now Founder and Chairperson of The Society of Food and Environmental Health (Macao), pushing for sustainability in the food & beverage and hospitality sectors. She speaks about aligning the objectives of sustainability and business, and planting the seeds of sustainable growth. She strives to integrate sustainability and food safety into daily operations, and hopes to bridge the gap between the needs of the society and her industry. 
Jeehae Kim, marketer and strategist by training, is now Chief Digital Officer at MCM Worldwide, overseeing the e-commerce business and putting sustainability into practice with the brand’s first sustainable product category. She shares her journey of changing the perspective that sustainability is expensive and thus undoable, showing that sustainable fashion can be more cost effective and bring about higher profit margins.
Neither started out with sustainability as a career, but both have gone from learning about sustainability and developing skills, to now managing their own teams and being frontrunners in sustainability in their industries. Now they not only aim to make sustainable decisions themselves, but are also creating a culture and mindset in their organizations or even industries, to educate stakeholders and other experts to make sustainable choices.
Find out how they have combined their purpose with profit, and how they have learned to speak the languages of different stakeholders to bring about a real change.

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