ESG data covers various aspects related to a company's ESG practices, and this information is utilised by stakeholders to make informed decisions. Effectively managing ESG data is crucial for businesses to uphold a positive reputation, identify and manage risks, adhere to regulatory requirements, and spot opportunities for growth and innovation.

ESG Matters recognises this and presents the 'Best Practice for ESG Data Management' course with a comprehensive introduction to ESG data management, encompassing various solutions ranging from simple Excel spreadsheets to sophisticated ESG Dashboards.

The course delves into how technological advancements are transforming ESG data management.


此課程由ESG Matters提供,全面介紹ESG數據管理方法,包括從簡單的Excel電子表格到複雜的ESG管理平台等各種解決方案,課程亦提及最新的科技技術將如何引領ESG數據管理的發展。

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Course Features 課程特點

  • English 英語教學
  • Subtitles 字幕

  • Certification 證書

Best Practice for
ESG Data Management

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Certification included 課程證書 

Certificate for this course will be available after successful completion of the course.

Course Outline 課程內容

Spreadsheet Demonstration with Reminder

Spreadsheet Features

Measurement Methodology

Platform Demonstration

Programme Director 課程總監

Dr Glenn Frommer

Dr Glenn Frommer is one of the pioneers of sustainability and the environmental movement. He has worked in the field for more than thirty years and was involved in the drafting of the GRI G4 Reporting Guideline, the AccountAbility 1000AP Standard, and Reporting 3.0. 

Prior to founding ESG Matters, Glenn held senior management positions with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation Ltd. in Hong Kong for more than twenty-two years where he embedded sustainability through an Enterprise Risk Management approach and implemented China’s and the transport sector’s first climate change policy. His extensive cross-sector and cross-industrial experience extends throughout the international arena, specifically in Europe and Asia-Pacific.