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Education that Matters
for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Matters Academy!
歡迎來到Matters Academy!

We believe that education is the cornerstone of creating a better world.

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Our learning platform provides a new learning experience by offering diverse courses, insights, and resources on diverse ESG and sustainability topics. This empowers learners to not only gain knowledge but also learn to lead the change towards a more sustainable future.
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Immerse yourself in learning about Matters Academy, our mission, and our commitment to providing high-quality ESG and sustainability courses to learners worldwide. 

Learners 學員

Course Teachers 課程導師

Courses 課程
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A New Learning Experience 全新學習體驗

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Extensive Course Catalogue

A diverse ESG course catalog covering climate change, renewable energy, and more
包括氣候變化、 可再生能源等的多樣化ESG課程目錄

Vast Network of Sustainability Experts

Our platform is built upon a network of experts who have years of experience in their respective fields
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Interactive Learning Experience

Interactive learning experience involving quizzes,  on-demand videos, e-books, and case studies for hands-on learning
互動學習體驗包括測驗、 隨意點播影片、電子書及個案研究等等,進行實踐學習

Multi-media Resources

Multi-media resources, including a blog, podcast, and social media, to offer a diverse range of content formats for learners
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— Companies

Our Partners 合作夥伴

Matters Academy partners with corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions to provide exceptional ESG learning opportunities.
我們與企業、 非營利組織和學術機構合作,提供優秀的 ESG學習機會。
Together, we are committed to driving positive change and promoting sustainability, working towards a more sustainable future for all.

Custom ESG Training 量身定造的ESG培訓

We provide bespoke ESG training workshops for your organisation, developed in consultation with you to meet your unique objectives and create sustainable impact within your business or association.


Learners’ Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, read what our learners have to say! Our testimonials showcase the impact our courses have had on learners from all walks of life.


Ricky Chong

"Interesting and insightful, the course was really useful in helping me developing an all-rounded understanding of ESG. Good source of reference and advice for how to truly integrate ESG into core business."

Joanne Wang

"Through the course, I had gained an essential understanding of Sustainability and the ESG environment and trends.."

Shirley Chan

"This course has definitely shaped my knowledge on ESG area (esp. current state and future plan on ESG in different countries) and provided great recommendations of how to truly integrate ESG into core business."

Stephen Tse

"It is a great course for those who want to start the journey to understand what is ESG and how we can go together with it."

Eric Loh

"Very useful information and the videos are great."

Kathy Poon


Mandy Chan

"The course helps me know more about what is ESG and how to apply in to a company."
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