Certificate ESG Foundation Course 



Environmental criteria take into consideration how we quantify our improvement on environmental risks we face today. This can include energy use, pollution, waste and water resources.


Social looks at how operations have an impact on the community, including relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our society.


Governance regards how a company’s operations should be conducted with accountability, transparency, and integrity. This can extend to company leadership and management, audits, internal controls and shareholder rights.
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Certificate ESG Foundation Course is an introductory-level course on sustainability and the applications of ESG. Gain a fundamental understanding of Sustainability and the ESG environment and trends. 


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 Certificate of Completion 課程完成證書
 Completion Requirements 課程完成條件:
      75% Attendance 完成率
  Exam Passing Grade 考試合格要求:80%

Learners 學員

Certificates 證書
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Hours 小時

Certification Included 證書課程

Certificate for this course will be available after successful completion of the course and assessment.

What's included? 課程涵蓋:

  • An introduction to ESG and its importance | ESG的簡介及其重要性

  • Key ESG Terms and Concepts | ESG關鍵術語和概念

  • ESG Standards & Reporting | ESG準則及報告

  • Best Practices in ESG | ESG的最佳實踐

  • ESG in Corporate Context | 企業環境中的ESG

  • ESG in Supply Chain | 供應鏈的ESG

  • Green Finance | 綠色金融

  • ESG Trends - Local and the Globe | ESG趨勢 - 本地及全球

  • Case Studies | 應用例子
    And More...

Suitable For 課程適合:

  • Corporate Managers and Staff  | 公司經理和員工

  • Investors | 投資者

  • Financial Advisors | 財務顧問

  • Portfolio Manager | 投資組合經理

  • Analysts | 分析師

  • Anyone interested in ESG | 任何對ESG有興趣的人

Learning Features 學習特色

Subtitles 字幕

Now available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin versions

Own Learning Pace

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Progress Tracking

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Multiple Language Options

You can choose to learn in different languages 你可以隨心選擇想學習的語言

English Version

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Cantonese Version

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Mandarin Version

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Japanese Version

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Dr Glenn Frommer

Programme Director 課程總監
Dr Glenn Frommer is one of the pioneers of sustainability and the environmental movement. He has worked in the field for more than thirty years and was involved in the drafting of the GRI G4 Reporting Guideline, the AccountAbility 1000AP Standard, and Reporting 3.0. 

Prior to founding ESG Matters, Glenn held senior management positions with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation Ltd. in Hong Kong for more than twenty-two years where he embedded sustainability through an Enterprise Risk Management approach and implemented China’s and the transport sector’s first climate change policy. His extensive cross-sector and cross-industrial experience extends throughout the international arena, specifically in Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Glenn在組織內部開發專業的ESG結構擁有30多年的現場和高級管理經驗。他目前是香港ESG Matters的創辦人。在此之前,Glenn在港鐵,Vipac Engineers and Scientists和Dampa A / S擔任高級行政職位。他廣泛的跨行業和跨領域經驗遍及整個國際舞台,尤其是在歐洲和亞太地區。在香港,澳大利亞,丹麥和美國居住和工作過後,他對不同的文化,習俗和治理問題有了深入的了解和領悟。

What do our learners say 學生的話

"Interesting and insightful, the course was really useful in helping me developing an all-rounded understanding of ESG. Good source of reference and advice for how to truly integrate ESG into core business."
Ricky Chong
"Through the course, I had gained an essential understanding of Sustainability and the ESG environment and trends.."
joanne Wang
L.F. Hung
"This course has definitely shaped my knowledge on ESG area (esp. current state and future plan on ESG in different countries) and provided great recommendations of how to truly integrate ESG into core business."
Shirley Chan
"This course helped me differentiate the concepts of ESG, CSR and sustainability, and to realize that adopting a proactive approach towards ESG leads to cost efficiencies and long term returns of a company and facilitates the company to enhance brand reputation through paving a way for the public to assess its opportunities and risks."
"It was a pleasant learning journey in which I acquired better understanding of ESG reporting frameworks (such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SASB - Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and CPD) and ESG in Corporate Context with the aid of case studies from Hong Kong and other regions."
Joyce Au
John Wong
Kathy Poon
"我最大的得著是能夠了解什麽是ESG和ESG的應用。 我也明白到企業在解決環境議題和推動環保上付出了不少努力,達致回饋社會。"
Ching Ma

Don't want to spend 4 hours? Learn ESG for different professionals!
想快速了解ESG? 挑選屬於您的行業的課程!

English versions only 暫只有英文版本
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HR Professionals

Learn about ESG-related issues in the workplace
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Relationship Managers

Learn how to deal with your customer's ESG concerns
了解如何處理客戶的 ESG 要求
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Business Professionals

Learn how ESG can help your business grow
了解 ESG 如何幫助您的業務發展
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Supply Chain Professionals

Learn how ESG impacts the supply chain
了解 ESG 如何影響供應鏈

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