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Water Stewardship in Action and Demonstrating ESG Leadership

Responsible water use is important but also a complicated issue. Systems can be affected by water consumption, usage, addition, and discharge, and other impacts stemming from operation. As such, taking action toward ensuring operational water use continues to become available without undermining the system and risks the availability of water for people and the ecosystem that depend on it is essential for business sustainability.

In this webinar, the speakers will introduce a systematic approach to put water stewardship in action through the plan, do, check and act process.

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In many businesses, water is one of the most essential resources, with operations often using a considerable amount of water and a running risk of interruption from water issues. Businesses can start addressing this key area by taking measures to review the operation’s water sources. This would empower the business managers with an understanding of the water contexts in the region where the businesses are located, and focusing on water availability.

Next, businesses should consider how much water is used and how used water is processed and discharged. Together, the present and future risk of water issues would be understood and measures can take steps to address how it consumes and recycles water.

According to AWS, stewardship is about taking care of something that we do not own. Good water stewards recognise the need for collective responses to the complex challenges facing the water resources we all rely on. 


          Alliance for Water Stewardship background and overview

          The relationship between AWS and ESG

          Water scenario introduction

          Case studies in the priority sectors –food and beverage manufacturing, ICT and electronics

          Proposed action plan (eg. gap analysis, water performance readiness etc )

TÜV Rheinland 

TÜV Rheinland stands for safety and quality in virtually all areas of business and life. Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world’s leading testing service providers with more than 20,600 employees and annual revenues of around 2 billion euros. TÜV Rheinland’s highly qualified experts test technical systems and products around the world, support innovations in technology and business, train people in numerous professions and certify management systems according to international standards. In doing so, the independent experts generate trust in products as well as processes across global value-adding chains and the flow of commodities. Since 2006, TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption.

Meet the panel
Martin Fan
Managing Director
TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd
Martin has been Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland since April 2018 and has more than 16 years of experience in the Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) industry. His current role sees him setting, planning and implementing business strategies for the company and assisting different clients when it comes to seizing new opportunities in this fast-changing market from a TIC perspective. One of the most talked-about subjects in the market, Martin is an enthusiastic sustainability advocate, frequently promoting related solutions that help businesses set appropriate targets, which can then be validated by properly-qualified experts. He is also an active participant in various working groups and associations dedicated to promoting ESG, sustainability, and the circular economy.
Ian Jiang
Assistant Project Manager
TÜV Rheinland Guangdong
Ian Jiang, our Assistant project manager in CSS department, based in TÜV Rheinland Guangdong, who joined TUV Rheinland in 2014. He is responsible for environmental-related projects and has 9 years of audit experience. He is the first batch of AWS auditors and has participated in AWS audit work since 2018. He is currently the project manager of AWS audit and has rich experience in sustainable water management.
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