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The Role of Sustainable Packaging towards SDG and ESG Excellence

Sustainability is becoming more important for companies, customers, and investors. Plastic waste reduction, recycling, and circular economy have all become common topics among the different sectors. 

In the consumer goods industry, Swire Coca-Cola has set their 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy by adopting the appropriate SDGs and ESG practices, as well as various measures ranging from packaging methods and product selling to recycling in Hong Kong. 

This lecture aims to provide insight on how SDG and ESG practices can help to achieve the company's sustainable development strategy.

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What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?

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講者資料 Meet the Speaker

Suzanne Cheung

Suzanne is a Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment and the Hong Kong Institution of Qualified Environmental Professionals with over 20 years of experience. In the last 10 years she has held senior positions in the corporate sector, government-subsidized organizations and NGOs.

Suzanne has diverse expertise related to sustainability, covering policy advocacy, strategy and management; awareness promotion and training; research and survey; climate change; waste management; and green purchasing / environmentally preferable products. Suzanne has directed, managed and provided technical inputs to various projects related to sustainability, including government policy paper submission of behalf of green groups.

Suzanne currently works at Swire Coca-Cola HK Limited as Head of Sustainability and oversees public affairs and communications. She leads the execution and communications of sustainability commitments of Swire Coca-Cola HK, in particular beverage packaging materials and carbon reduction.
Head of Sustainability
Swire Coca-Cola HK Limited