Fireside chat with CLEMENT LI


How Spare-it Propels Waste Reduction Using Smart Technologies 


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Clement Li

Business Development Manager, Spare-it

Clement started his career in the Marketing and Events Management field, leveraging the experience and bringing the human intereaction into the Business Development and Client Relations sector. Transittioning into the ESG field, trying to connect the dots, help customers with rpoblem solving, community building. Currently leveraging Spaer-it's technology to help customers reduce waste, boost circularity and drive stakeholder engagment. 
Clement is passionate about connecting the dots, identifying opportunities and exploring collaboration.
Spare-it is a Boston-based Start-up that has been operating for more than three years in Hong Kong. We offers a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform for workplace sustainability. We enable in-building waste data to empower change and unite your organisation around your sustainability goals. We collaborate with companies and property developers in Hong Kong and worldwide based on these principles:
  • Data Sharpens Sustainability - Spare-it is pioneering how organisations measure and reduce their in-building waste.
  • Go Live in Weeks. Not Months - Get quick sustainability wins with technology designed to get universal buy-in.
  • Make Zero Waste a Team Sport - Transform your organisation’s zero waste goals into tangible, attainable, and motivating outcomes

We leverage machine learning to help meter waste (quantitatively & qualitatively), automate waste-related reporting (API integrations), calculate GHG avoidance, and create cost-reduction strategies..