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Saving Face

Humphead Wrasse CITES Enforcement

The humphead wrasse has long been highly sought after in the luxury food industry of not just Hong Kong, but in many places in east Asia. Easily recognizable by its distinct facial features and blue-green color, it used to be seen all the time in the fishtanks of seafood restaurants all over Hong Kong.

由於數量急劇下降,蘇眉魚現被列為 IUCN 紅色名錄和 CITES 附錄 II 的瀕危物種。其緩慢的繁殖速度追不上過度捕撈,即使有法規和保護措施,非法和未報告的捕撈仍然構成巨大威脅。
Due to declining population, the humphead wrasse is now listed as endangered on the IUCN Red list and in Appendix II of CITES. Its slow breeding rate is no competition for the unsustainable overfishing of live reef food fish, and even with regulations and conservation efforts, illegal and unreported fishing still poses a massive threat.

Loby Hau在本次講座中,介紹了蘇眉魚的故事,並分享了他參與研究和保護活礁食用魚的工作。他講解了如何利用蘇眉魚獨特而複雜的面部標記去達成面部辨識,以輔助 CITES 對香港蘇眉魚的貿易管理。
In this lecture, Dr. Loby Hau throws light on the story of the humphead wrasse and talks about his involvement in studies and conservation work of live reef food fish. He further explains his research to develop a novel solution to improve CITES enforcement on the humphead wrasse trade in Hong Kong using a facial recognition technique based on the distinctive facial markings of the species.

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Meet the Speaker

Dr. Loby Hau

Loby Hau is a Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong, with a focus on marine ecology and conservation. He is working closely with his former supervisor, Prof. Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson at HKU on improvements in trade monitoring and management of the endangered Humphead Wrasse in Hong Kong. Recently, they initiated a mobile application 'Saving Face', and a Facebook campaign page 'HK Humphead Wrasse Watch' to encourage and promote conservation of Humphead Wrasse with public contributions.