Acoustics masters Lecture Series

Noise Policies in Thailand -Case Studies 

Overview 2005 - 2020

Thailand, a tropical country with a population of more than 66 million people, is surrounded by various types of sounds. Noise produced by motorcycles and Tuk-tuks, music played during festivals, you name it. If the noises are not properly handled, it would seriously affect citizens’ health, both mentally and physically.

This lecture summarizes the progress towards noise mitigation in Thailand for from 2005 to 2020, as well as some of the difficulties the country is facing in regards to handling noise complaints, and promoting acoustics with interesting case studies. 

With the lecturer’s Dutch background, this lecture also walks us through the development of noise mitigation policies in the Netherlands and Thailand, as well as comparing the noise mitigating measures in the housing, entertainment and commercial sectors of the two countries. 

  This lecture will be conducted in English. 
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Meet the Speaker

Michel Rosmolen

Acting as acoustical engineer at Geonoise Asia with over 30 years of experience in building acoustics, room acoustics and environmental acoustics, Michel had 15 years of consulting experience in the Netherlands and another 15 years in S.E. Asia. He has been working in various projects on building acoustics, such as bar noise and vibrations in residential buildings, noise upgrades of residences by starting noise control for residences due to Rail-and Road noise paid by the Dutch Government, and Room Acoustics in various locations from offices, classrooms to auditoria and hotels. Michel is dedicated to raising the awareness for the dangers that noise can bring to us, and preventing noise-induced hearing loss. 
Head of Sustainability
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