Acoustics masters Lecture Series

Industrial Noise Control -
Creativity and Innovation

This lecture aims to introduce some of the creative and innovative ideas on industrial noise control that helps to create a more harmonised environment giving its audience a basic idea on some innovative models in noise prediction and testing. 

The lecturer also presents some of the products on the market for noise reduction, by giving examples on how those products help to reduce noise, and in what circumstances are those products being used.

The concept of visual quietness is also introduced, followed with examples of innovative solutions around the world.

  This lecture will be conducted in English. 

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Certification Included

Certificate from ASA ESEA will be generated automatically upon the completion of the lecture.

Meet the Speaker

K.K. Iu

Graduated from engineering in the University of Hong Kong, K.K. Iu has more than 35 years of solid experience, and has taken various positions in the field of acoustics and noise control. He was president of the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics and vice president of the Macau Institute of Acoustics.

K.K Iu is the Director of Supreme Acoustics, a company based in Hong Kong focusing on design, creation and installation of products, solutions and services regarding noise and vibration control.
K. K. Iu
Director, Supreme Acoustics

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