Matters Lecture series

Hong Kong Waste Reduction Challenge

How much waste are we sending to the landfills per day? Have you ever thought about using recycle tissue paper? Waste and recycle are inseparable when we comes to the issue of environmental management.

Waste treatment is also an important topic which affects the Environmental of ESG. Is it possible for us to be "zero waste"? 

This lecture summarizes the challenge of waste reduction in Hong Kong from the recycle industry perspective, and how recycle industry affects by technology, government support and social awareness. The lecture also provides insights on how the community can work towards a circular economy to achieve companies ESG initiative. 

  線上課程將以廣東話進行This lecture will be conducted in Cantonese. 
  部分收益將會捐作慈善用途Part of proceeds will be donated to charity. 
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 片段預覽 Video Preview:

回饋社會 Give back to the society

When you are learning, Matters Academy is donating part of the ticket fees of this course to the charity.

Site Visit in MilMill

Mil Mill is the first pulp mill and education center that recycle beverage cartons in Hong Kong. They are able to process 10 tonnes of beverage cartons daily, and convert them into paper pulp. 

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講者資料 Meet the Speaker

Harold Yip

Mr. Harold Yip is the founder of Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID), an award winning waste and environmental management company. Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID) is an award-winning waste management company that applies knowledge and technology to develop sustainable solutions for our clients and the Earth. SSID was set up in 2009 by several paper professionals with the vision to develop a cycle economy of papers; originally specializes in offices’ confidential documents destruction, and has gradually expanded into integrated waste management solutions. 

Supported by Recycling Fund, Mr. Yip launched Mil Mill in 2019, which is the first pulp mill and education center in Hong Kong to recycle beverage cartons. Mil Mill has developed the capacity to process 10 tons of beverage cartons daily and transformed these useful materials, that were treated as trash and dumped into the already saturated landfills, into Mil Mill recycled tissue papers and other paper products. 

Before founding SSID, Mr. Yip had been working for several multinational companies in senior management and had helped to build up many leading brands including Double A, number one copy paper in Hong Kong. 
Harold Yip
Founder, SSID & Mil Mill