Exclusive Streaming

Global ESG Trends and
Systems Thinking:

Insights from Case Studies across U.K., Europe and Australasia
Gain insights from compelling case studies showcasing how systems thinking enables effective ESG integration and sustainable business practices. We will explore examples from Europe, and Australasia illustrating the impact of holistic, systems-based approaches.
  14 August 2023, Monday
 In-person event with live broadcast
  Recording of the Keynote Speech session is available
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Keynote Speech

Mr. Martin Rich

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Future-Fit Foundation
With over 25 years' sustainability and impact experience, Martin is a renowned specialist in mainstream and social investment. Martin has worked with institutions such as UBS, JPMorgan, HSBC and Social Finance Ltd. Martin's vision is to create a sustainable future for all, and he is at the forefront of helping companies and financial institutions embrace the radical transformation required for the future.

Panel Discussion

Global ESG Trends and Systems Thinking:
Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses

Mr. Adrian Chan

Director of Executive Education
HKU Business School

Mr. Merlin Lao

Head of Policy & Research
Business Environment Council

Ms. Lomi Hou

Business Development Lead

Ms. Giuliana Auinger

Head of Sustainability Business, Asia Pacific
Schneider Electric

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