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Cork: Connecting Technology & Society

In this webinar, Joana Trindade will introduce the benefits of cork and its wide variety of applications, such as acoustic insulation and vibration control for buildings and workplaces, as well as its highly performative and sustainable nature. Joana will then present case studies that showcase the value of adopting cork into businesses and highlight how cork can play a role in combatting escalating noise and vibration levels in cities and achieving net-zero carbon goals.

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 What is Cork?

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It's a 100% natural, technological raw material, with unique properties that give it unrivaled character and make it valuable in several industries and multiple applications.
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Meet the Speaker

Joana Trindade

Joana Trindade is the Technical and Product Manager for the Construction Cluster at ACC. Her academic background is a Masters in Chemical Engineering, having worked previously to joining ACC in the surfactants and textile industry. She started her career at Procter and Gamble having gone to managing the research and development laboratory in one of the most sustainable companies in textile production in Portugal. She joined ACC as a project manager, assuming a new role in the beginning of the current year.
Product and Technical Manager
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