ISO 14064-1:2018
Corporate Greenhouse Gas
Analysis and Quantification

Advanced Training

ISO 14064-2018 is an internationally most recognized environmental standard that helps companies quantify, manage, report, and verify their GHG emissions. It employs a standardized method of calculating and verifying emission data, helping to alleviate the uncertainty surrounding emission statements and promoting international consistency. 

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Lesson series
  • Author: Megan Zhou
  • Level: Advanced
  • Video time: 3 hours
Course overview
This course specify the key concepts, requirements and procedures in ISO 14064-1: 2018, which provides general guidance for organization to quantify and report their greenhouse gas. Many calculation cases and practices will also be shared during the course.

The course helps you to get to know the methodology and tools essential for the greenhouse gas accounting and verification at site and corporate level. You will also be well equipped with corporate carbon management knowledge and practices.
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Course outline

  • Key concepts of ISO 14064
  • New and old standards comparison
  • Detailed requirements of ISO 14064: 2018
  • Corporate GHGs verification procedures and methods
  • Case study and practice

Target trainee

  • Sustainability team members
  • EHS staff
  • Management
Meet the Speaker

Megan Zhou

Project Manager, TÜV Rheinland

Ms. Megan Zhou, MESc in Environmental Engineering, currently works as Project Manager at TUV Rheinland, where she is responsible for the project management of environmental, climate change related projects. Ms. Zhou has nearly 11 years working experience in environmental and climate change area and 3 years of research experience in water treatment. Ms. Zhou has been participated in carbon verification projects and technical reviews for key enterprises and institutions in many carbon trading pilot regions. She has comprehensive knowledge with ISO 14064 and application of Life Cycle Assessments(LCA) in Product Carbon Footprint(PCF) Calculation.

Key Skills:
  • Carbon neutral certification of products/ organizations/ activities;
  • Product level carbon footprint/ environmental footprint calculation and verification;
  • Organization level carbon inventory calculation and verification;
  • CDP data disclosure and rating consulting;
  • Supply Chain Environment Map Deployment and Management;
  • MNCS environmental and sustainable development management;
  • Supply chain environmental affairs management;
  • ZDHC MRSL Level 2&3 Certification;
  • ISO 14064 and 14067 audits;
  • AWS, RBA, RMI, ISO 9001, Ecolabeling and EHS audit.

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