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What I can learn from here?

We aim at igniting the technological development of organisations and societies, and empowering business and individuals to create sustainable positive change. You will be able to learn different courses related to ESG/ Sustainability/ Technology. 

Here is what you get with our courses

Why ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is so important nowadays?

Why you need to care about sustainability?

How to build a smart city?

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Learn from practitioners

We invite professionals from different industries to share their insights and experiences to our learners. 
Suzanne Cheung
Head of Sustainability, 
Swire Coca-Cola
Aaron Yim
Managing Director, 
Ricoh Hong Kong Limited
Dr Glenn Frommer
ESG Matters
Michel Rosmolen
Acoustical Engineer, 
Harold Yip
SSID & MilMill
Brenda Ling
Business Development Manager, 

and more...

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